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Because America’s Future Foundation is a nonprofit, I am not allowed to use its forum to support or oppose any bill in Congress. However, on my personal site I am free to do so, and that is why I’d like to clear up some confusion over my recent article on the FRPAA. I think it is very much needed for precisely the reasons this GSU blog post states. In an attempt to make the article seem balanced, I lost my own perspective, and I regret writing the column so hastily. Please visit SPARC for more information on the bill

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The New Yorker is publishing a number of Primo Levi’s recently translated stories. Here is the Kafkaesque The Tranquil Star. Translator Ann Goldstein explains these stories will get people “to see him not as a Holocaust writer but as a great writer.”


Carlo Mollino’s mountain attic (BLDBLOG) could be used to illustrate another story, Bear Meat

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Mother Jones Precog child porn

Slate Timothy Noah: Not Wiki-worthy

New Yorker What 24 teaches us about torture (and what Jane Mayer teaches us about arts and culture reporting)

Harper’s Jonathan Lethem’s a great essayist too. Can I just cut and paste all that for my next Brainwash column?

Gillian Carnegie at Andrea Rosen

Wikipedia CP Snow’s Two Cultures

Tech Liberation Front Debuts Podcast

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Iris Schieferstein sculpts new creatures out of dead animals. It’s the stuff of nightmares:


(via we make money not art)

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The jailed 22-year old Egyptian blogger’s trial has again been postponed until Feb 22. Which means another three weeks in solitary confinement for the crime of setting up a blogger account and speaking out against an oppressive government. Kareem Amir (also written in translation as Karim Amer) faces nine years in prision. This week Reps. Trent Franks (R-AZ) and Barney Frank (D-MA) sent a letter to Egyptian Ambassador Nabil Fahmy asking for his release.

My friend Constantino has been an enormous help in getting attention out, including staging a rally Wednesday outside the Egyptian Consulate in New York. Read his impassioned Columbia Spectator article about the case.

His expulsion did not dampen his criticisms of his society. He may find it harder now to become a lawyer, but he claims to be freer. “As I was being investigated, I discovered-for the first time-that being a student at Al-Azhar University means I was a slave, owned by it,” he said. “They were expecting me to deny or evade responsibility of my free and courageous opinions-they were waiting for me to give birth to a second personality during the investigations-but how preposterous!”


How brave, I say. The true magnitude of his words might be hard to grasp by someone who has always lived in a free society-and trust me, the U.S. is a free society, President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney notwithstanding. Realizing that Hosni Mubarak has been the president of Egypt since before Kareem was even born might help us put things into perspective. Kareem has lived his entire life under the rule of one person, under the boot of the same totalitarian government. In his words, his arrest last year meant only that he was “moved from a big jail to a small disciplinary cell because [he] did not follow the rules that the 70 million Egyptians are forced to abide by, and [he] broke the widespread traditions of the Great Jail of the Arab Republic of Egypt.”

Please sign the Petition for Kareem Amer’s release.

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